Coral Reef Decanter with Pufferfish


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14.5” tall x 7” wide x 6” deep, this coral reef decanter has a hollow puffer fish in the center, through which the distilled spirit of your choice flows all the way into the hollow footed bottom. Concave lenses frame a yellow tang, butterfly fish, clownfish in a sea anemone, and an octopus, all hidden inside the arching branches of coral. A spotted trunkfish, large butterfly fish swim around the coral branches. All of the coral is heavily textured glass applied to the hollow tubing from which the sculpture is created. To crown it off, a red and yellow damselfish may be found inside the stopper! The concave lenses framing the internal fish forms further reduce the images of these diminutive creatures when filled with transparent liquid, adding to the magic of the piece.
You can participate in designing your own custom decanter with artist Milon Townsend, making this a truly one of a kind art object. Price for something like this would be in the $2250. range.


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