How long does it take to get my piece?

If we have it in stock, which is usually the case, we’ll send it out the next day. Time from us to you depends on shipping service.

How much is shipping?

Shipping on most of the regular items on our website is included in the price. Shipping on our decanters and custom pieces is not included, so it’ll be based on how much it costs to get your piece to you safely.

What happens if the glass breaks in shipping?

Just let us know if there’s a problem, as soon as you find out. We can repair it or replace it, depending on what makes the most sense in the specific situation. Custom work will most likely need to be returned for repair.

Can I special order something…special?

Of course! We love to do that. Take a look at the ‘Custom Orders’ section of the site, and just drop us a note about what you’re interested in having made for you.

Can I have it shipped to the person that I’m giving it for a gift?

Of course. Just let us know where and when you’d like it sent, and we’ll do that for you.

Since everything is hand made, will the piece I receive look just like the picture on the website?

Sometimes, you’re getting the actual piece in the photo, so in that case, it’ll look very much like the picture. Pieces we make on a consistent basis are…well, consistent. Of course, there’ll be little variations, but it’ll look a lot like what you ordered.

What if I’ve seen something at your festival that’s not on the website?

This is often the case. We make so many different things that’s it’s just not practical to try to get them all up on the website, but if you remember something, let us know, and we’ll get one done for you as soon as we possibly can.

What are the earring wires made of?

We only use Sterling Silver findings, and we don’t make earrings mounted on posts.

Do the pendants come with something to hang them from?

Each pendant comes with a waxed cotton cord, the length of which is adjustable. Or you can use your own metal chain.

Do the ornaments come with something to hang them from?

Our ornaments don’t come with a cord, but we have very nice display stands available. Small for $7 and larger for $10. See the picture in the Ornament section of the website.