Custom Work

We greatly enjoy doing special pieces for our patrons – it challenges the artist, gives the customer something new and unique, and quite frankly, leads to new ideas and directions for the artist to pursue and develop.

Prices and sizes are determined with your space and budget in mind. If you have a specific idea, lay it on us! Images to work from are always helpful, if you happen to have them handy. If you have a general idea, let us know what it is, and we’ll be happy to help bring it into focus for you.

A deposit of 50% is necessary to get things going, and after we send images of the finished work, you can pay the balance, plus shipping, so that we can get it right out to you. How long this takes is dependent on how much other work we already have in the pipeline, so the sooner we get the ball rolling, the sooner we can turn it around for you.

Take a look at the ‘Custom Work’ portfolio, which’ll give you an idea of what we’ve done and what we can do…

To get the process started, call (585)-315-2444 or use the form below.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Custom Work Portfolio

Coral Reef

This piece was commissioned by a guy who lives on a boat. It took several months to complete. I made so many different types of fish, being a diver, I have a personal interest. After I’d made an entire population of fish, and different types of coral for them to be paired with, it took several days to figure out how to assemble the piece. We were both very pleased with the way it came out…

Om Decanter

A patron commissioned me to make a decanter in the shape of the letter ‘Om’. Quite a challenge. I needed to make it fully functional, while not obscuring the original lines, and the spaces between the elements of the character.

Blue Phoenix

I make a sculpture every year for an artist who shows and sells her work at one of the same festivals that I do. The pieces that I make are specifically based on artwork that she has previously created. She created this image for me to work from, to execute in glass.

Bigfoot Winery

A regular collector for whom I’ve made many pieces over the years came to me with a challenge. He’d recently purchased a winery called Bigfoot Wines. He wanted to see if I could make a piece that commemorated the event.

Jewish Wedding Glass

One of the traditions at a Jewish wedding is that immediately after the ceremony, the groom puts a glass in a handkerchief and stomps it into pieces. This glass was created for just that purpose. The couple informed me that they intended to display the fragments along with a photograph of the glass in its intact state, in their home.

Three Ferrets Playing With a Vanilla Ice Cream Sundae with a Cherry on Top

self explanatory, obviously! This was a case where the customer had a very specific idea as to what she wanted – my only artistic contribution was the cherry on top of the sundae – it just needed it…

Teacher and Student on a Log

One collector explained to me that in the teaching community there is a saying that the ideal classroom is just one teacher and one student sitting on both ends of a log. My brief was to execute that idea in glass.

Wise Woman

When the customer originally asked me about making a witch, I asked more questions to determine what she was after. I am not interested in representing certain kinds of magic. What she was after was much more in the vein of the traditional ‘wise woman’ of the community, one who knows herbal lore and cures as well as spells. I very much enjoyed this project. There were quite a few specific requests: blue dress; broom that looked like fire at the bristle end; peacock feathers; a tall witches’ hat. I added the cat licking up the spilled potion and the grimoire in her hand. This was my first venture into using non-glass elements in a project – the wooden workbench, and I was able to find just the right size and shape for my purpose. I have since put in a wood shop and am able to custom make whatever props I need to tell the story at hand.

Dragon and Tiger

I forget which one of the couple was the dragon, and which the tiger. They asked for a specific color family for the dragon, and voila!

Poodle Ascending Into Heaven on a Cloud of Pink Tennis Balls

you don’t see that every day, do you? The gentleman’s mother’s white toy poodle was in hospice and didn’t have a lot of time left on this Earthly plane. The dog’s favorite toy was a pink tennis ball – the idea simply suggested itself to me.

Glass Knife With Ear of Corn Handle

A young man has been collecting my glass knives for a number of years. The summer that I did this, he was working on a corn farm to help with his college expenses, and his family member commissioned me to create something that would have specific meaning for him.