Custom Work NEW

We greatly enjoy doing special pieces for our patrons – it challenges the artist, gives the customer something new and unique, and quite frankly, leads to new ideas and directions for the artist to pursue and develop.

Prices and sizes are determined with your space and budget in mind. If you have a specific idea, lay it on us! Images to work from are always helpful, if you happen to have them handy. If you have a general idea, let us know what it is, and we’ll be happy to help bring it into focus for you.

A deposit of 50% is necessary to get things going, and after we send images of the finished work, you can pay the balance, plus shipping, so that we can get it right out to you. How long this takes is dependent on how much other work we already have in the pipeline, so the sooner we get the ball rolling, the sooner we can turn it around for you.

Take a look through the many inspiring and fascinating Custom Work Stories, to get an idea of what we’ve done and what we can do…

To get the process started, call (585)-315-2444 or use the form below.

We look forward to hearing from you!